Understanding Worlds and Summit Bids

Understanding Worlds and Summit Bids

It’s still early in the season, but teams all over the world are working on perfecting their choreography and raising their difficulty scores so they can have the best shot at receiving a Cheerleading Worlds or Summit bid. However, many athletes and parents new to the cheerleading scene may not know exactly what these bids entail. How do you get one? What are the different kinds? WSA Cheer is here with the answers. Read on to learn more about these international and national cheerleading competitions and how to get there.

Understanding Cheerleading Worlds and Summit

Worlds and Summit are two of the biggest, most prestigious cheer competitions in the world. It is impossible to compete at either one without your team first winning the honor to do so at a separate competition — in other words, winning a bid. Worlds is held by the USASF and offers both level 5 and level 6 senior and open teams a chance to compete. This competition has been held annually since 2004 and is traditionally held at the end of April at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, FL. The Summit began much later in 2013, and it was designed to showcase the incredible talents of level 1 through non-Worlds level 5 teams. Many competitors at this event describe it as being similar to Worlds.

In order to win a bid, your team must perform extremely well at a separate competition that takes place before Summit or Worlds.

The Types of Bids

Both the Cheerleading Worlds and Summit offer three types of bids, but they differ slightly per competition.


  • Full-paid bid — All expenses are paid for Worlds, including lodging, passes into the Disney Parks, and registration fees. These bids are only given to the highest scoring teams at the top national cheerleading competitions.
  • Partial-paid bid — These bids do not include lodging, but they do include passes into the parks and registration fees.
  • At-large bid — No expenses are paid for at-large bid recipients, but these teams are still invited to compete at the Cheerleading Worlds. They must also compete in a preliminary round in order to compete for the rest of the competition. Only the top 10 teams of each division will move on to day two.


  • Paid bid — This bid is the same as the Worlds’ full-paid bid. All expenses are paid, and these bid winners do not need to compete in the preliminary round.
  • At-large bid — No expenses are paid with an at-large bid, but these teams also do not need to compete in the preliminary round.
  • Wildcard bid — Wildcard bid winners have no expenses paid. They must compete in the preliminary round to move forward in the competition.

A Prestigious Honor

All athletes on the winning team of each division of either Worlds or Summit win championship rings. Only a few athletes win these rings in their entire cheer careers. Regardless of whether you get first or fifteenth, even performing at either of these competitions is a huge honor.

Would you like the chance to compete at Worlds? WSA Cheer offers Worlds bid events all throughout the season, and we would love to see your team take one of the available bids. Take a look at our competition schedule and our bid events. Then, reach out to register for the one nearest you. We’ll see you on the mat!

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