Turning a Good Routine into a Great One

Turning a Good Routine into a Great One

Every coach or cheerleader has been left sitting in the stands after another team has performed and said, “wow, they were really good!” What is it about these routines that stand out above the rest? What elements made you stop what you were doing and pay attention to them? And, perhaps most importantly, how can you make your team look that good? Every all-star cheerleader hopes to be on a team that talented, and every coach aspires to teach the team everyone admires. Today, we at WSA Cheer would like to share some of our best tips and strategies for making that a reality.

Take Time to Clean

Your stunts are finally hitting and everyone can throw their tumbling pass. This is great news! Except, however, that your competitors call all do the same thing — and they look better while doing it. There’s no need to be discouraged, but instead of making your stunts and tumbling harder, it may be time to consider cleaning up the choreography instead. Your stunts may be hitting, but are they all hitting at the same time? When the front row spins across the mat to get to their next spot, are all the athletes turning the same direction? Checking every little angle and motion (and cleaning up those that don’t fit in nicely) is the best way to perform a quality routine that will score well (and possibly take home a bid).

Bring in an Outsider

As a coach or an athlete, you know this routine inside and out — including the bad habits some of the athletes have. You may not even notice the inconsistencies because they blend in with the rest of the routine. Ask another coach to come in and take a look to see what they find. If they see any odd movements or timing issues, they have an easier time letting you know what to tackle. Coaches get blindspots, and it’s totally natural! Just make sure to bring in other coaches and give them a chance to tell you what they see.

Set Clear Goals for Each Practice

One of the best ways to make sure your practices are productive is to set a very clear, very actionable goal. Instead of saying “all stunts need to hit five times,” make your requirement more specific. For example, every flyer must point their toes in their overstretch five times in a row. At the next practice, keep the goal from the previous practice and add on another. Now, no bases can move/travel across the mat when hitting a stunt five times in a row. Make your team strive for consecutive goals and stick to them. It’s these small details that create the difference between stunning routines and average ones.

WSA Cheer

If you’re ready to show the world what you’ve got, it’s time to come to WSA Cheer’s national cheerleading championships. With the chance to earn your World’s bid and the opportunity to see some of the best in the industry compete, this isn’t a competition you’ll want to miss. Get in touch with us today to register your program.

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