Top Reasons to Offer an Intro to Cheer

Top Reasons to Offer an Intro to Cheer

Whether you are a gym owner or a coach, you know what can happen with certain, newer athletes. While some are ready to rock and roll the minute they begin, others are a little more cautious. They walk into the gym, excited to learn new skills, then quickly get intimidated or frustrated when they are not at the level of their peers. This is entirely normal because, as coaches and owners, we all know that cheerleading takes hours of practice and drills to get right. However, that can be challenging to explain to a small child who is excited to learn a brand new sport and quickly gets discouraged. So, what is the solution? How can you keep newer, less-experienced athletes excited and motivated?

Introduction to Cheer Classes

Gyms all around the country are offering introduction to cheer classes for new all-star cheerleaders. These classes focus on the basics of all-stars:

  • Good sportsmanship
  • Stunting progression and technique
  • Jump form and technique
  • Tumbling foundations and drills
  • Simple dance experience

With these focuses, beginners can learn the foundations of cheerleading without being tossed into a competitive environment immediately. Once they grab onto concepts and display a solid understanding, they may be more ready to start your prep team program!

Lessen Intimidation

Children can get just as intimidated as adults, if not more so. We understand the unease an eight-year-old might feel when watching a 17-year-old throw a double full in your facility. We know that sticking them in a class with athletes their own age who are also just starting out will help them feel more confident. This confidence will soon turn into ability and understanding!

Encourage Friendships

This non-competitive environment could be the perfect place for your newer athletes to make friends! They will bond over what they learned in cheer class that day, and should they choose to hang out with one another after class, they have concepts to practice. We highly recommend organizing these classes based on age for both the developmental level as well as the likelihood of friendships forming.

Strengthen Your Program

We obviously want what is best for our athletes, but it always helps when it’s good for our programs too. With an introduction class, you can keep your more competitive athletes on your higher level teams while still having the perfect spot for those who are brand new to cheer. And, once those new athletes perfect their skills, they could end up being your next national champion team!

WSA Cheer Welcomes You

We hope you consider implementing a beginner’s program into your gym! These programs inspire confidence while teaching the foundations of all-stars. Set your athletes up for success, and experience the success that your gym will earn thereafter. Once your top teams are ready to compete and show the world what they can do, bring them to one of our Worldwide Spirit Association competitions. We look forward to seeing your all-star cheerleaders hit the mat and go home feeling victorious. Contact us today to find a competition near you.

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