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The (Well-Known) Secrets to First Place

wsache3r on 17 Dec, 2019

Competition season is well underway, and we know you’ve probably had one or two chances to hit the mat this season. Whether you came out on top or had an outcome that felt a bit disappointing, it’s all part of the cheerleading world. So, how can you guarantee that you’ll come out on top at

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4 Ways to Hit the Stunt Every Time

wsache3r on 11 Aug, 2019

You’re confident in your tumbling. You could do your dance backward. Your toes are pointed, and your facials are spot-on. The only thing left? Making sure your stunt hits as you perform on that national cheer competition mat. As simple as that sounds, many cheerleaders know that it’s never that easy. Today, we’re here to

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Preparing for Your All-Star Cheerleading Competition Schedule

wsache3r on 26 Jun, 2019

All-star cheerleading allows athletes from all over the world to connect with each other, as well as compete against each other to see who truly is the best. As tryout and announcement season comes to a close and practices begin, gyms across the world have begun releasing their competition schedules. If you already have yours,

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Non-Tumbling Division at Worlds

wsache3r on 05 May, 2019

The Cheerleading Worlds has been known for displaying the best of the best routines that come out of all-star cheerleading. From heart-stopping stunts to thrilling pyramids, the energy is unparalleled! So, with tumbling as such an essential component of Worlds and all-star cheer as a whole, why did they decide to create a non-tumbling division?

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Your Worlds/The One/Summit Packing List

wsache3r on 17 Apr, 2019

Worlds, The One, The Summer and other end of year competitions are right around the corner, and all-star cheerleaders across the world are working with their teams to show off the best possible routine. While you’re busy prepping for the biggest competition of the year, don’t forget to pack the essentials! We at WSA Cheer

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Preparing for All-Star Cheerleading Tryouts

wsache3r on 26 Mar, 2019

We are at the end of the cheer season! Is it just us, or did it fly by? From our national cheerleading competitions (Grand Nationals, anyone?) to our local competitions, we’ve enjoyed seeing new faces and remarkable routines across the country. Now that the season is drawing to a close, many gyms have announced their

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3 Ways to Keep Energy High While Performing

wsache3r on 22 Feb, 2019

Just about every team has seen it on their score sheet at least once: “Make sure to keep your energy up!” When you finally hit the dance portion, it can be challenging to stay excited and energized — especially if you had a fall or bobble at some point during the routine. However, your energy

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How Do You Know What Stunts are Illegal in All-Star Cheer?

wsache3r on 12 Feb, 2019

We are in the height of competition season, and many teams are upgrading their stunts to make them more competitive at their next national cheerleading competition. You may have a brilliant stunt idea in your mind, but is it legal at your team’s level? In years past, teams have attended one competition and received accolades

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Our Favorite Things About Competition Day

wsache3r on 20 Dec, 2018

Competitions are hard, and we know it. You’re up at the crack of dawn, choking in a cloud of hairspray, and putting on extreme levels of makeup. From putting your bow in place to tightening the laces on your shoes, you’re ready from head to toe. While you have a long and challenging day ahead

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How to Get that Cheerleading Bid

wsache3r on 03 Dec, 2018

Regardless of whether your gym is DI or DII, many programs run from one national cheerleading competition to the next in order to win a bid. Both Summit and Worlds bids go to only the best of the best in cheerleading, and the fight gets more competitive each and every year. Because of this growing competitive

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