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5 Drills to Achieve Higher Jumps for Cheer

wsache3r on 10 Feb, 2020

Many cheerleaders struggle with getting higher, more explosive jumps. Chances are, you’ve looked through all the hashtags looking for tips and tricks to gain some height. But despite the thousands of search results for #cheerjumps or #jumpdrills, there isn’t enough good advice on how to pull off a fabulous, crowd-pleasing stunt. That’s because, more than

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Attitude Over Talent

wsache3r on 13 Jan, 2020

Cheerleading is about learning life lessons, and here is one of the most valuable ones we’ve learned: a good attitude is always going to matter more than talent. Sure, a talented athlete will be put front and center for many of their skills, but they can cause many issues for the team as a whole

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Better Coaching by Understanding Learning Styles

wsache3r on 14 Nov, 2019

Coaches, how many of you have told an athlete the same thing again and again — and it never seemed to stick? Then, did they suddenly have the skill figured out after talking with another coach? This happens all the time in just about any sport, and it has nothing to do with your coaching

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Staying Healthy During Cheer Season

wsache3r on 15 Oct, 2019

Happy October! While competition season is just beginning to kickoff for many of us, we know it’s also the beginning of flu season, cold season, injury season — you name it. Make sure you take good care of your body this season by being proactive about your health. We’ve compiled the following tips and tricks

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Practice Makes Permanent

wsache3r on 23 Sep, 2019

We’ve all heard the expression, “Practice makes perfect,” but we know that isn’t necessarily true. You can practice something hundreds of times without trying your best, and you’ll never get any better at it. True practice is about giving your full effort to something every time you try it, allowing you to actually improve your

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Branding All-Star Cheerleading Moves

wsache3r on 29 Jul, 2019

“Brand” is one of those hot buzzwords business owners hear all the time. However, past the color and logo of your gym, does a brand really apply to you? The answer is a resounding YES. From creating team chants to designing your t-shirts, there is so much you can do to stand out from the

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Exciting Cheer Practice Themes

wsache3r on 16 Jul, 2019

As the summer months go on, many all-star cheerleading gyms across the country are preparing for cheer camp, choreography, and team bonding events. As the practices get hotter and the days feel longer than ever, how can you add some extra fun back into your stunts and tumbling? We think the answer is themes! From

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Surviving All-Star Cheerleading Choreography

wsache3r on 10 Jun, 2019

Whether this is your first year cheering or your fifth, you know what’s coming — choreography day! From learning your stunt sequence to finding out which pass you’ll have during running tumbling, this can be an exciting time filled with a burning desire to hit the ground running with a new routine. However, if you

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Cheerleading Levels and Ages: What’s the Difference?

wsache3r on 30 May, 2019

With tryouts mostly behind us, new and experienced cheer parents alike may be left scratching their heads with their child’s results. “Junior level 1? Is that good?” Today, we at WSA Cheer hope to clarify a few things in regards to your child’s division. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to get

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When You Want to Fly, but Coach Makes You Base

wsache3r on 06 Apr, 2019

In the world of cheerleading, many girls join because there was something that attracted them to the sport in the first place. For some, it was the allure of tumbling. For others, it’s the bright stage lights and sparkly uniform. But for many cheerleaders, it’s the stunts. We’ve all watched the flyers soar into the

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