Preparing for All-Star Cheerleading Tryouts

Preparing for All-Star Cheerleading Tryouts

We are at the end of the cheer season! Is it just us, or did it fly by? From our national cheerleading competitions (Grand Nationals, anyone?) to our local competitions, we’ve enjoyed seeing new faces and remarkable routines across the country. Now that the season is drawing to a close, many gyms have announced their tryout schedule and requirements. If you’re getting ready to try out for an all-star cheer team, regardless of whether you’ve cheered before or not, you’re going to need to put in some work. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Train for Tryouts

While cheerleading looks glamorous and glittery, there is an intense level of athleticism that comes along with it. If you know you aren’t in the best shape, it’s time to work on your physical fitness before you head into tryouts. Don’t worry, your new team will work hard to develop strength and coordination. However, walking in with these skills will make the season a little bit easier for you. Hold your motions in the mirror, practice your jumps, and do whatever conditioning you can at home.

Take Private Lessons

Many athletes worry about their tumbling skills. Have they learned enough to move up a level? What if they mess up at tryouts on their back handspring, even though they know how to do a tuck? These fears are normal, but you may be able to push them aside with some extra guidance from your coaches. Private lessons are a great way to perfect your technique and get some individualized focus before you go into your tryouts. You can tell your coach what your goals are, and chances are high they will give you drills and focus points to make achieving this new skill easier than ever before. However, keep in mind that starting private lessons now is probably not going to allow you to confidently execute a new skill by tryout time. This is a good time to clean up what you already know how to do, as well as set solid foundations for your next skill.

Bring the Energy

Believe it or not, tumbling is not everything when it comes to making a team. However, the same cannot be said of attitude and energy. The best cheerleaders are ready to tackle new challenges. They are ready to go wherever the team needs them. They are prepared to handle anything they need to with a smile. So bring the energy, enthusiasm, and passion your new team deserves. After all, your energy and overall performance is a major part of your score when you attend competitions. You might as well show the judges that you would be a great asset to the team by showing off your spark now.

We at WSA Cheer hope you have had an amazing season. From your first national cheerleading competition to your final awards ceremony, we hope you have loved every second. We can’t wait to see you next year at our competitions! Take a look at our schedule to see when we’ll be at a competition near you.

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