Planning Your Cheer Competition Trips

Planning Your Cheer Competition Trips

Competition season is here, which means lots of trips and traveling! The best of the best will travel from all over the country for a shot at taking home the title at our national cheerleading competition. We know your team will be, too. If you feel ready to rock and roll to nationals, don’t go just yet! Read our list of tips to make sure you’re prepared for all the traveling and staying with your team.

Bring Extras!

No matter what it might be, pack extra. Extra socks, extra bows if you have them, extra hairspray and bobby pins—it’s always good to be there for your teammates in case someone forgets something at home. And, you never know when an emergency could pop up. What if your hair tie breaks as you’re getting ready to compete? Having a bunch of extras on hand will help you stay more relaxed and levelheaded.

Hang Out With New People

You probably have one or two close friends on your cheer team, and that’s totally normal. However, travel time is the perfect time to get to know some of the other teammates you haven’t talked to as much. Get to know each other and feel more bonded before you step on the mat. It’ll be fun for both of you, and it will help you to feel more confident when stepping out onto the performance floor.


We know how exciting it is staying in a hotel with all of your teammates. After all, these athletes are probably your best friends. However, it is so important to sleep the night before the competition. There’s a reason your coach probably gave you a curfew on competition night! The better you rest, the better you will perform. We guarantee it. It might be hard to fall asleep with all of the pre-competition excitement but do your best. Getting to bed at an early hour and just relaxing can help you calm down a bit.

Stay on Top of Time

Things can be super busy on competition day! Make sure you have a way to keep track of the time. Set an early alarm (or three, if you know you’ll need it!) and have everything packed and laid out ahead of time. If it helps, set another alarm for about five minutes before you need to leave. That way, you will know how much time you have for makeup and hair before it’s time to get to the competition venue.

Pick a Buddy

Competitions can get big and stressful. Always take a buddy with you to the bathroom, to get snacks, or to wherever else you may be headed. You’ll be less likely to get lost when you travel as a group. Also, make sure to bring your phone with you, if you have one. If you need directions to get back to the team, being able to contact one another will help.

Get Excited!

Competition day is thrilling! We know how fun it can be to travel with your team and spend that time bonding. Your attitude will affect everyone around you, so try to stay as positive as possible. This is still the case if your performance doesn’t go quite as you would have hoped! The point of competition is to have fun. As long as you do your best, you should feel confident knowing that you did your part and got to spend time with your friends.

We at WSA wish you all a happy cheer season! We can’t wait to see you and your team perform at our national cheerleading competitions. Check our schedule to see which event is closest to your city! We will see you there!

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