Non-Tumbling Division at Worlds

Non-Tumbling Division at Worlds

The Cheerleading Worlds has been known for displaying the best of the best routines that come out of all-star cheerleading. From heart-stopping stunts to thrilling pyramids, the energy is unparalleled! So, with tumbling as such an essential component of Worlds and all-star cheer as a whole, why did they decide to create a non-tumbling division? It turns out, there are a couple major reasons. We are here to give a little insight into IASF’s logic behind this new division.

Started Cheerleading Later

Not everyone has the benefit of starting cheerleading when they are five-years-old, and the industry has done a poor job of finding the right spot for these athletes. While divisions like 4.2 give athletes the ability to execute incredible stunts while keeping their tumbling down to a level 2, sometimes a back handspring is still inaccessible when athletes begin cheerleading as a teen. Plus, even the best 4.2 teams can’t make it to Worlds, a competition that is only open to levels five through seven this year. IASF has made the decision to open the Worlds stage to incredible jumpers, stunters, and dancers without tumbling as a requisite. We are so excited to see what this division can become!

No Access to Tumbling Resources

Keep in mind that the Worlds competition is just that — an international competition open to the best every country has to offer. Depending on your facility, your coaches, and your equipment, you may not have the option to become a level five tumbler. For many athletes, their equipment doesn’t allow them to safely throw much more than level two or three tumbling skills. However, that doesn’t mean that these teams don’t have incredible jumps, stunts, and choreography. As an industry, we want them to have the same chances of succeeding at Worlds as those teams who have trained their tumbling at a world-class gym since they were young.

Can We Start a Non-Tumbling Worlds Team?

As of right now, there are no restrictions on what gyms can and cannot create a Worlds non-tumbling team. It’s possible that your gym could become one of the first few to compete in this exciting new division! As of right now, there are only two IASF non-tumbling divisions: Open Level 5NT and Open Level 5NT Coed. All athletes on these teams must be 14 or older, and the teams must have anywhere from 16 to 30 members. A non-tumbling team is considered coed if there are anywhere between one and 20 males.

WSA Cheer and Worlds Bids

If you do decide to create a non-tumbling Worlds team, make sure you make it a point to come to WSA’s Grand Nationals competition for your chance to earn your Worlds bid! We are always looking for the best of the best to represent us at the Cheerleading Worlds. Take a look at our upcoming schedule for the 2019-2020 season to get started. We look forward to seeing what this new division becomes, as well as all the opportunities it provides to the athletes in our great sport.

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