What if There is No One Against Us at Nationals?

What if There is No One Against Us at Nationals?

You’ve signed up for the nearest national cheerleading competition, your team is packed and ready to go, and everyone is ready to earn that championship trophy — or even jacket! However, there’s a rumor floating around that your team isn’t against anyone. What does that mean for your team? Is this competition a waste of your time? Does the outcome really matter? In today’s post, we want to talk about what it means when you find out that your cheer team may not be against anyone.

It might not be true.

Keep in mind that the schedule at cheer competitions is always subject to change. Oftentimes, the schedule will change in the days leading up to the event. Just because your initial schedule had your team listed as the only team in your division, that doesn’t mean another team hasn’t signed up in the past few days. You never know what will happen until you get to the arena, so make sure to stay in the competitive mindset if another team arrives.

There may be a bid on the line.

Even if you are the only team in your division, that doesn’t mean you aren’t competing. When it comes to those coveted Summit and Worlds bids, you have to perform your absolute best at every single competition. Everyone is fighting for a bid. Make sure to give your all — even if you aren’t directly against anyone.

You are always competing.

So there’s no one in your division, and there are no bids on the line. Are you actually against any teams? Of course you are. Almost every national cheerleading competition has some sort of battle to win the important title of Grand Champion. You could win your level, your age division, or even some of the smaller accolades. From “Best Stunts” to “Best Choreography,” this is your gym’s chance to show the competition what you can do. No matter what, you are always competing.

Compete against yourself.

All the awards aside, many teams strive to improve as the season goes on. Chances are, if you’re going to nationals, your team is trying to improve as well. Take this opportunity to really push yourselves to be your best. After all, what do you have to lose? This may be the time your team hits your highest score for the season. It could be the time the judges finally notice your flawless jump technique. This could be your chance to land your hardest tumbling pass without worry. Take advantage of the low-stress situation and use it as an excuse to just put on a show. Plus, the other teams won’t know you’re not against anyone until the awards ceremony. Dazzle them with your skills, no matter who you are (or aren’t) up against.

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If you’re ready to compete at a national cheerleading competition near you, it’s time to reach out to WSA Cheer. We look forward to showcasing your talents, regardless of whether you’re against one team or 10 teams. Take a look at our schedule and get in touch with us to register your athletes. We’ll see you on the mat soon!

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