Making a Different Level Than You Expected

Making a Different Level Than You Expected

You signed all the registration forms for your gym, you rocked your tryout, and you finally landed that tumbling pass you’ve been agonizing over for weeks —- hurray! However, what happens when all that hard work doesn’t pay off quite the way you wanted it to? All-star cheerleaders go through rigorous tryouts to be placed on teams. Whether it’s their first year cheering and they hope to simply make elite, or if it’s their tenth season and they are confident this is the year they’ll go to Worlds, everyone has a cheer expectation of some kind. If you are on the other side of team placements and wondering why you aren’t on the team you wanted, we have some advice to share.

Respect the Outcome

As hard as it is to accept, your coaches really do know best. While you might feel that you totally nailed your tuck in your running tumbling pass, chances are the coaches saw some iffy technique that needs to be adjusted. Some gyms require you to be able to perform the basic tumbling passes necessary for the level above where they will place you. While this may not seem fair, think about how strong your team will be. Instead of stressing about tumbling technique, you can focus on proper stunting movement and muscle development. Regardless of how you may feel at the moment, respect your coach’s decision.

Stay Positive

It doesn’t matter if you are level 1 or level 5 —- cheerleading is hard. Each and every all-star cheerleader works for hours each week to improve their stamina, technique, and power when pushing through a routine. No matter what team you are placed on, you will be challenged. As a result, it is essential that you remain positive about the season. For all you know, the athlete next to you has been dreaming about being on a team as amazing as yours. Do not pull that athlete’s attitude down and make them feel bad about their excitement. Instead, think about all the good things for the season. You’ll make new friends, learn new stunts, and have a wonderful chance at hitting zero at your next national competition. After all, everyone will be at the same level as you.

Step Up as a Leader

If you really, truly believe your abilities are more advanced than your teammates, use that knowledge for good. Work tirelessly, ask for more instruction from your coaches, and help those on your team who may be struggling. You can lead your teammates by example. Execute the highest jumps. Ask for a harder specialty pass. Hold that stunt up to the best of your ability. Your willingness to pull the rest of the team up may be just what your crew needs to get a highly coveted bid at your next competition.

Come Compete with Us!

You’re going to have an amazing season no matter what level you make. We promise! Our staff hopes to see you at the next WSA cheerleading nationals competition. Check out our schedule to see when we’ll be coming to a city near you.

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