How Do You Know What Stunts are Illegal in All-Star Cheer?

How Do You Know What Stunts are Illegal in All-Star Cheer?

We are in the height of competition season, and many teams are upgrading their stunts to make them more competitive at their next national cheerleading competition. You may have a brilliant stunt idea in your mind, but is it legal at your team’s level? In years past, teams have attended one competition and received accolades for their stunt creativity when, at the next competition, they’ve been deducted points for including an illegal stunt. How can you keep the consistency from one competition to the next? The answer is getting USASF’s official ruling.


Coaches and program owners have the ability to email a video of their team’s stunt sequence to USASF to receive an official ruling on the legality. If they say it’s legal, then keep the email as proof. If they mark it as illegal, it is up to you to make the necessary adjustments.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Send an email to to receive a ruling. This address is solely for cheerleading stunts in USASF levels 1-6. Emails will only be answered with one word: LEGAL or ILLEGAL.
  2. Include your program name, USASF member ID, Coach’s name and member ID, level of stunt, and the video. Make sure the video is clean and only includes one stunt group.

That’s it! Make sure there is only one stunt group in the video, making it clear what you are asking about. If you are including a portion of your pyramid, please only include one “side” of the sequence.

You will receive a response within seven to ten days. The answer may take a bit longer right now, as we are in the heart of competition season. The USASF team requests that coaches refrain from resending the video if it has not been a full 10 days from sending the email initially. Attach all videos within the email; do not include an external link (including YouTube). Your response will only say LEGAL or ILLEGAL. If the stunt is illegal, this email will not explain why.

Competition Concerns

Be sure to have your smartphone on you, or a copy of the email with the stunt video clearly shown. If a judge rules your stunt as illegal when you have been given a LEGAL ruling from USASF, you can contest the deduction and receive your points back. As you know, this can mean the difference between first place and eighth! We highly recommend taking advantage of this free service whenever there is a concern about legalities.

WSA All-Star Cheerleading Nationals

Make sure you are prepared for nationals, no matter what! We believe in equipping the gyms that come compete on our mat with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed. It’s competition season, and we are ready to see what your team can do. Get in touch with WSA Cheer today to register for one of our upcoming competitions! From winning a jacket to earning a coveted World’s Bid, we look forward to sending your team back to your gym feeling victorious. We’ll see you soon!

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