Hot Choreography Trends to Use This Season

Hot Choreography Trends to Use This Season

The Cheerleading Worlds has come to a close, and gyms all over the country are gearing up to kick some serious bow next season! Gym owners, coaches, and choreographers are all joining forces to set their teams up for success. As the years go by, it seems as though there is some sort of stunt transition or tumbling pass that is completely new. While we may feel as though we’ve seen it all before, the Cheerleading Worlds’ floor shows us otherwise each and every year. In this post, we want to share some of the top choreography choices that add an extra special flair to a routine.

New Movement

Cheer used to be all about tight, strong motions. This is still the case in some ways, but other aspects of cheer have become more flexible about what movements can use a little more flow rather than just sharpness. Cheerleaders have begun incorporating full-body dance moves while in stunts, such as body rolls and dancer kicks. On the mat, teams have begun to incorporate other dance styles to their dance section, including everything from square dance to swing dance. On a scoresheet that prizes footwork and formation changes, these challenging moves look great.

Asymmetry is Awesome

The older days of cheer were all about symmetrical formations and keeping the audience’s eye in one place. These days, however, the pioneers of the choreography world have begun pushing most of the team to a jump formation on the side of the mat while a star tumbler or two flaunts a showy pass from the corner, leaving half of the mat empty. Of course, this is only temporary, and that’s the magic of it all. As soon as something happens on one side of the mat, you can bet something even more exciting will happen on the other. Nonconventional use of the floor stands out as bold, innovative, and memorable.

Shaking Up Sections

For decades, we’ve seen the classic formula: a standing tumbling section, jumps, elite stunts, pyramid, running tumbling, and a dance. These have all been classified as sections of a routine, as there is usually very little else going on during this time. However, today’s routine is about shaking up that formula and making the next piece of the routine a mystery. The idea of “standard flow” is a thing of the past. These routines have become flashier and more engaging for the audiences. If you can create a flashy routine that maintains its clean and sharp precision, it would be hard to imagine not placing well at a national cheerleading competition.

Come Compete With Us

At WSA Cheer, we know that innovative choreography and exciting transitions may be just what your team needs to propel you to victory. And, you can bet your competition will be bringing in a few new moves to steal away the title. We can’t wait to see your team’s routine! Contact WSA Cheer today to sign up for a national cheerleading competition near you. Let’s see what you’ve got.

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