Gifts for Your Cheer Team

Gifts for Your Cheer Team

Competition day is filled with excitement and energy, and many teams also use this time to give out good luck presents! We’ve found that the best gifts are a great combination of both fun and useful items that the cheerleaders need in order to perform their best. Take a look at the list below and choose your favorites to give to your favorite all star cheerleaders.


Competition days can be long, and those concession stands can be quite expensive! Not to mention, concession snacks tend to be tailored towards the friends and family who come to spectate, so they don’t often offer healthy and balanced snacks. Instead of watching your team go get funnel cakes and pizza, bring them healthy snacks to keep them energized through their performance! Trail mix, fresh fruit, and pretzels are all tasty treats that kids of any age will love to snack on before they go to compete. Make a small bundle and include it in your gift package.

Hair Supplies

Arguably, the hardest part of getting ready for a cheer competition is getting the hair high and ready to go! Giving travel sized hairsprays, extra hair ties, and bobby pins are super useful to have on hand in case of a cheer hair disaster. If you want to add a little fun to the package, include a bow! While they won’t be able to wear it as they perform, they will be able to wear it to practice and remember the competition where they received the bow as a present.

Door Decorations

If you are staying overnight at a cheerleading championships competition, chances are you have a block of rooms set aside for your athletes and their families. Find out which room all of them are in, then hang up team-themed decorations on each door! This might include a picture of the team, or maybe a cutout of their first initial. Whatever you choose, make sure that the message is inspiring and makes them feel excited to be there with their team! Many athletes will take these decorations home and hang them in their room to remember the fun.

Customized Hanger

Every cheerleader knows how important it is to keep their uniform up off the floor and hanging in plain sight, ready to go for competition day. Why not give the athletes each a hanger designed to hold their uniform? You can find ones with clips beneath to hold onto the bottom part of the uniform as well. Put a little bow on the top and decoratively write their name on the hanger with the team’s colors. That way, they will always have a hanger to keep their uniform safe, whether it be hanging in their closet at home or up on their door at the hotel.

Makeup Bag

Cheerleaders need more makeup than just about anyone else, so make sure they can keep it all organized! With lip stain, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, and whatever else they need all on the line, missing just one of these could be a disaster. Give them a personalized makeup bag to keep all their cheer makeup in. That way, girls will know whose makeup belongs to whom, as well as be able to keep the bag tucked away nicely in their backpacks.

Water Bottles

Hard work calls for hydration! We know your athletes are much more likely to hydrate if they are drinking out of a personalized water bottle with the team colors. Feel free to use the water bottle to hold little snacks or a message of encouragement for the kids. And, if you want to add a little post-competition treat (such as a candy bar), we know the kids will be thrilled.

Cheer Season is Here!

Competition season is officially upon us, and we know you want to do your best to make sure your all star cheerleaders feel prepared to leave it all on the mat. Little gifts are the perfect way to wish them luck and get them pumped up about the competition ahead of them.

We at WSA Cheer can’t wait to have you and your team at our competitions this season. With a chance to win a bid to the Cheerleading Worlds, we know you don’t want to miss out! Take a look at our list of events to find the competitions nearest you and contact us today to register your program.

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