How to Get that Cheerleading Bid

How to Get that Cheerleading Bid

Regardless of whether your gym is DI or DII, many programs run from one national cheerleading competition to the next in order to win a bid. Both Summit and Worlds bids go to only the best of the best in cheerleading, and the fight gets more competitive each and every year. Because of this growing competitive spirit, the competition has become more intense, the choreography more creative, and the stunts and tumbling more technical than ever. With so many teams rising to the occasion, what does it take to get the bid?

Ignite the Spark of Creativity

Many people think they are limited by their level’s restrictions, but every year, there seems to be at least one team that blows the judges away with their creativity. There’s no need to go into choreography’s importance, as you already know that it’s part of the score. However, it is important to take the judge’s comments about your creativity and be willing to adjust what you currently have. It isn’t practical to receive a low creativity score and assume that the judge didn’t like it, but the next judge will. It’s time to think outside the box. Look for unexpected places of inspiration and run with it when it strikes. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Technique, Technique, Technique!

We know we don’t need to stress the importance of technique, but Summit and Worlds bids come from the details. When your athletes spin to their next spot, are they all turning in the same direction? When they prep for a toe touch, do all of their arms hit the same angles? Coaches see the same routine over and over again, and it becomes easy to look over the little details that have become habits. Invite someone who is not familiar with your routine to come to practice and look for the little issues and variations in the choreography that should not be there. Once you smooth those over, your routine will look much more bid-ready.

Team Mindset

So many athletes leave a performance mat and think to themselves, well, at least I did my part. This mentality is what causes disconnects and bobbles in a routine. While giving your best on the mat is essential and should be the standard, only focusing on yourself doesn’t do your team any favors. Instead, when you have a second to catch your breath, encourage your teammates. Help them count. Cheer on someone who is unsure about their tumbling pass. Taking the time to build up others can help them make that final push to do their best. You are a team, and only teams get bids. Work together and show the competition that you are an unbreakable and unstoppable force.

Happy Bid Season!

At WSA Cheer, we know how tough it can be to earn a bid. Just know that our staff is here and rooting for you, wherever it is you are trying to go. For a Cheerleading Worlds bid, make sure to see us at our Grand Nationals! We can’t wait to give you the push you need to compete with the world’s best.

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