Our Favorite Things About Competition Day

Our Favorite Things About Competition Day

Competitions are hard, and we know it. You’re up at the crack of dawn, choking in a cloud of hairspray, and putting on extreme levels of makeup. From putting your bow in place to tightening the laces on your shoes, you’re ready from head to toe. While you have a long and challenging day ahead of you, we know you secretly live for competition day. WSA is here today to share our favorite parts of national cheerleading competition day.

Looking Fierce

Let’s be honest, you aren’t looking your best at cheer practice. Whether you wear a baggy t-shirt or a sports bra, we know you aren’t usually in a full face of makeup with hair that can reach the heavens. However, on competition day, that all changes. Your makeup is perfect. Your lips are bright red (or blue, or green, or whatever your team chooses). Your eyeliner is incredible. Your contour is flawless. And that’s just your face — we haven’t even started on the sparkling uniform. When you’re looking this good, it’s impossible not to feel good. We love looking fierce on competition day, and we know you do too.

Teammate Time

At the gym, you get a little time to socialize, but too much will usually get you into trouble with your coach. However, competitions are the best time to bond with your teammates! Outside of the warmup room and the competition mat, you get to sit and chat, help each other with makeup, and watch other teams. This friend and teammate time makes the whole experience a blast. Don’t forget to take selfies!

Watching Other Teams

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a level 1 team or a level 5, watching other teams is fun. From the varying choreography to the creative stunts and new sequences, it’s always a good time to see what other gyms come up with. Feel inspired by their skills and channel that energy into your own performance. After all, there are absolutely cheerleaders in the crowd looking at you and hoping to be just as good.

The Gift Shop

Let’s face it, one of the best parts of competition day is the new swag you get to bring home. Find your new favorite bow, get a matching hoodie with your cheer bestie, or find some sweatpants to wear on your way to practice. At cheerleading nationals, usually, there are shirts that list the teams and say the name of the competition. This can be a great memento of that time your team dominated the competition. Pick yours up to remember the great times.

National Cheerleading Competition

No matter if you love the feeling of the mat beneath your feet or the taste of the concession stand food, everyone has a part of competition day they simply love. Carry that energy to your performance and make lasting memories! The team at WSA looks forward to seeing your team compete, and we hope your team hits zero. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our upcoming nationals competitions.

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