How to Deal with Cheerleading Drama

How to Deal with Cheerleading Drama

While many professionals in the all-star cheerleading industry do their best to stifle the drama, it can still happen. Sometimes, athletes get into arguments with one another. Other times, it’s a parent starting conflict on behalf of their child. Whatever the reason, you may now be faced with hot-headed folks aiming their aggression at athletes, parents, and even the coaching staff. Here’s how to handle the problem when things start to turn sour.

Know Who to Talk to

All teams will have some sort of policy on who you can turn to when there are issues. For example, sometimes it’s the coach. Other times, it might be the gym owner or a team parent. In general, little disputes that can be worked out among the athletes without interference should be handled on their own, but this is not always the case. If there is bullying or similar harmful behavior, it should absolutely be brought to an adult’s attention.

If an athlete turns to a parent about an issue, it is common for the parent to intervene. However, this is usually not in the athlete’s best interests. Typically, smaller conflicts are better resolved by those involved than by those who have only heard one side of the story. Unless there is bullying or abuse involved, it’s best to give your child advice and allow them to handle it on their own.

Keep It Off the Mat

Practices, performances, and competitions are no place for drama. If there is an issue on your team, speak up. Some people use sarcasm or harsh comments to get a point across, but these methods of communication shut down any avenues for resolution and can often lead to more issues. If there is something bothering you, push it aside for practice or a performance if it can wait, then deal with it after. If it can’t wait, go to a coach to find a resolution.

There Are No Sides

The all-star cheerleading team should never be split into “sides” of an argument. The only side anyone should ever be on is the side of the team. While it is always nice to be understanding of where a teammate or a child is coming from, picking a side can cause unnecessary drama and delay a resolution. If you have an issue, talk to the person who you disagree with instead of talking to others and trying to get them on your side. If an athlete approaches you about their drama and tries to get you on their side, tell them you refuse to get involved.

Make Your Team Stronger

In the end, every person involved in a conflict needs to take responsibility in order to resolve the issue. We know that if you and your team practice good communication, you can make it through the season without drama and issues. Teams with a greater bond to one another seem to do better when they compete — after all, they are working together for a common goal. At WSA Cheer, we can’t wait to see your team at our next all-star cheerleading nationals. Get in touch with us today to sign up!

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