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Cheer Program Preparation

wsache3r on 16 Jul, 2017

Whether your season is well underway or if you are still figuring things out, coaching is a challenging job! That’s why we want to help you feel prepared for the season of all star cheerleading ahead of you. Read on to learn more about the best ways to set up your cheer program for success.

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Top Cheer and Tumbling Mistakes to Avoid

wsache3r on 21 Jun, 2017

You all know the basics of what needs to be done in order to improve the ability of your athletes. However, practice, technique, and repetition will only get you so far when it comes to reaching your team’s full potential. In order to really get as good as you can be, you need to make

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All Star Cheerleading Music Changes

wsache3r on 15 Jun, 2017

You’re ready to kick off the cheer season once again, but you just found out the news—music laws have changed once again in the all star world. Coaches all over have hundreds of questions about the new rules and what they allowed to use for their teams as their athletes hit the mat. Here is

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Throwing a Perfect Basket Toss

wsache3r on 05 Jun, 2017

If you have ever cheered on or coached a level two team or higher, you probably know all about basket tosses. However, has your team been using the right technique? Today, we are here to give you a quick refresher on the basics of a basket toss, as well as encourage you to sign up

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One Exercise to Improve Jumps and Tumbling

wsache3r on 22 May, 2017

It doesn’t matter if you are level 1 or level 5—you want better jumps and tumbling. Every all star cheerleader knows what it’s like to go out on that mat and really hit their tumbling and stunt, and most cheerleaders also know what it’s like to be disappointed in what they left on the mat.

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Top Items You Need on Competition Day

wsache3r on 12 May, 2017

You don’t need us to tell you that competition day is a big deal, especially nationals! When you are getting ready for the first big national cheerleading competition of the season, it’s easy to get a little nervous and forget some of the little essentials you need to get through the day. That’s why we’ve

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