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How to Get that Cheerleading Bid

wsache3r on 03 Dec, 2018

Regardless of whether your gym is DI or DII, many programs run from one national cheerleading competition to the next in order to win a bid. Both Summit and Worlds bids go to only the best of the best in cheerleading, and the fight gets more competitive each and every year. Because of this growing competitive

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How to Deal with Cheerleading Drama

wsache3r on 13 Nov, 2018

While many professionals in the all-star cheerleading industry do their best to stifle the drama, it can still happen. Sometimes, athletes get into arguments with one another. Other times, it’s a parent starting conflict on behalf of their child. Whatever the reason, you may now be faced with hot-headed folks aiming their aggression at athletes,

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Embracing Good Sportsmanship

wsache3r on 23 Oct, 2018

Cheerleaders love the thrill of competition day. From piling all their hair up high to putting on that bright, shining uniform, it’s all just in preparation of hopefully taking home that “Grand Champion” title. While kids vary in their level of competitiveness, it’s important to ensure you’re instilling the right sportsmanship values in their minds.

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Most Common Cheerleading Injuries

wsache3r on 10 Oct, 2018

As any all-star cheerleader can tell you, cheer is a dangerous sport! From being tossed more than 10 feet in the air to performing acrobatic jumps and flips, these activities can take a serious toll on the body — especially when athletes aren’t careful. Today, we have compiled a list of the top most common

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Recovering After a Stunt Fall at Competition

wsache3r on 25 Sep, 2018

For months on end, you’ve been perfecting your elite stunts. You are convinced that your tumbling pass would hit in your sleep. The pyramid has never been stronger. So what happens when your team finally gets on the competition floor — and everything falls apart? The most important thing is to keep your cool, remain

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What if There is No One Against Us at Nationals?

wsache3r on 10 Sep, 2018

You’ve signed up for the nearest national cheerleading competition, your team is packed and ready to go, and everyone is ready to earn that championship trophy — or even jacket! However, there’s a rumor floating around that your team isn’t against anyone. What does that mean for your team? Is this competition a waste of

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The Secret to an Amazing Cheer Routine

wsache3r on 28 Aug, 2018

Choreography season is well underway, and just about every team has at least the overall structure of their routine set up. However, when it comes down to it, how strong is your routine? Is it about difficult stunts, specialty tumbling passes, insane visuals? Well, yes — but there’s a small trick to use in your

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Understanding Worlds and Summit Bids

wsache3r on 05 Aug, 2018

It’s still early in the season, but teams all over the world are working on perfecting their choreography and raising their difficulty scores so they can have the best shot at receiving a Cheerleading Worlds or Summit bid. However, many athletes and parents new to the cheerleading scene may not know exactly what these bids

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Shape Up Your Scorpion with These Stretches

wsache3r on 23 Jul, 2018

A scorpion is one of the most essential, yet most impressive skills a cheerleader can perform. If you’re like most athletes, you can remember the first time you saw a flyer pull such an impressive feat in the air! Whether you’ve been cheering for years and you’ve decided it’s time to master your scorpion, or you’re

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Selecting Your Cheer Competition Schedule

wsache3r on 11 Jul, 2018

Cheer practices have already begun, and it’s about time to share the competition schedule for the next season with all the parents and athletes (if you haven’t yet already done so). However, for those of you out there who may be new gym owners or looking to compete your teams nationally for the first time,

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